King Kalaafaan Manuscripts

How the Maldives monarchy treasured the remembrance of a fallen king for more than four hundred years

by Ahmed Nazim Sattar

The contents of the ten paper grants related in this book demonstrate how the Maldives monarchy continued to treasure the remembrance of a fallen king for more than four hundred years by maintaining his tomb as a “recurring” charitable institution. 

The discovery of the Kalaafaan Manuscripts demonstrated par excellence how the Maldivian tradition of remembering the past was carried out by successive kings and queens for more than four hundred years, over the death of a slain king, Kalaafaan. The documents proved that, what amounted to a small fortune, was spent to sustain the remembrance of this King, who in many ways was better remembered dead than alive. 

Produced by Atollscape in collaboration with National Centre for Linguistic and Historical Research (2010)
English and Dhivehi 
ISBN 99915-95-99-6
500 copies
170 pages

Retail Price: 80rf 

4D Island – Field Trip 2019

Cover image via 4D island.

Atollscape is happy to announce our collaboration with this year’s 4D Island Field Trip in Maldives.

4D Island is a project that aims to use data to improve urban and architectural design in the face of the uncertain future of climate change.

The project particularly focuses on the creation of an open source data platform and the training and guidance to turn this resource into a tool for designers and planners. Thorough this and other projects directly undertaken by the collaboration, the goal is to greatly improve spatial strategy and built form in the country going forward, through science based and human focused techniques. More information about the project is available on

Ben and Oscar – the founders of 4D Island will be in Male’ between the 3rd and the 10th of August 2019. They are open for opportunities to collaborate with interested people and improve understanding of new fields and perspectives. Please get in touch by


04 August 2019 at 18-15 hrs : 4D Island Intro Lecture : Coral Academy – Male’

04-08 August : Grasshopper Intro Workshop Series

10 August 2019 : AAM Lecture and discussion session with 4D Island (Venue to be confirmed)